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Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {1}
Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {2}
Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {3}
Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {4}
Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {1}
Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {2}
Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {3}
Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost {4}

Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost

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Ultimate Ibanez TS9 from Modest Mike's Mods! Overdrive and Boost

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From Modest Mike’s Mods   BBB Member A+ Rating  
All of our modified pedals are warrantied as new!
If you are looking for an Ibanez TS9, then look no further.
Or go look everywhere… and come back again. Just don’t wait too long!
When you first step on this TS9, you are going to hear the best sounding TS9, period. It’s got our best TS808 Plus mod. Yep, it's got the 808 mods that everyone likes.
Other internal mods give this pedal about twice the amount of available gain, and also the ability to clean up better when you back off the controls.
When we replace components  we use high quality metal film film components, some with different values to improve the tone and eliminate noise.
The op amp is replaced with the JRC4558D.
And of course we put in a nice, bright, “water clear” blue LED. The LED is clear when the pedal is switched off, and a nice bright blue when switched on.

But the fun has just begun! We added a couple of more options:
We drilled and installed a toggle switch for a bass boost.
There is another toggle switch. But you don’t need that…unless you want to rock! This switch gives you an asymmetrical clipping option (sounds meaner). You still can use the bass boost switch in this mode also, which means these 2 switches can give you a variety of sounds.
Also, did you notice? We drilled this pedal, installed a 3PDT foot switch, and rewired it for true bypass!
Check out the video clip of our modified TS9 without the true bypass. Take a listen. If you can stay with it, I think you will enjoy the ending :) And I just can't emphasize this enough...USE YOUR HEADPHONES!

Here are some comments from folks who have bought our modified Tube Screamers, or from those who have had our mods done to their pedals:
“Good work! Really like the mods. I particularly like the gain/clipping switch. The extra volume output from the pedal is really NICE! Haven't opened it up yet to see what you did, but good work here man!”
"Hi Mike!
Your pedal just earned a spot on my pedal board. I didn't know a Tube Screamer could sound like that!"
"I opened. Holy cow! I'm impressed. Very nice overdrive! This thing screams! I played around with the two extra switches you put on there and they bring the big guns out lol. I don't see myself having to use them too much but it's nice to know I have them. Ok I'm back to jamming. Excellent work!"
"Dear Mike,
When I purchased my Ibanez TS9DX a few weeks ago, I was excited to have something new to play with and didn’t expect things could get much better. Over the past 40 years I’ve tried out, purchased and sold many effects pedals, and I still have some classics that I’ll never get rid of. It happened that shortly after getting my TS9DX that I came across your video on YouTube while searching around for more information and covers by guitar players who used similar effects. I was curious so I researched a few mods online and yours looked to be a very good deal, well explained, and at a modest price.
I figured, as long as I've decided to have you mod my pedal, and only for a few dollars more, I might as well go for the works and ordered the ‘Mean Ass Mod’. I just got it back in the mail today and immediately plugged in to hear the difference. I played for hours. I gotta say that you certainly have succeeded in making a very good pedal into an extraordinary pedal –- looking forward to seeing my band members’ reactions. I could not be more pleased with this and definitely plan on future business with you.
Tim" Lockport, NY
I expected the Rat to sound better (and it DOES!!!), but I wasn't ready for the difference your Mod made to the TS-9!! I received them in the mail yesterday and took them to the jam night I host every week. I didn't want to stop playing all night!! Fantastic sounds coming out of those pedals!! I'll be sending my Boss chorus, flanger and delay to you shortly!!
Mike, ya done good!!

We got this email from Arnaldo who lives in Puerto Rico! Did you know that shipping from the US to Puerto Rico and back is about the same as when sending an item somewhere inside the United States?
“Tremendo trabajo, mega brutal este pedal y tremendo tecnico Like:)
My Spanish is not so great, but I believe this translates to “Tremendous work. This pedal is mega brutal and tremendously technical. I like it!”
"Mike, it is hard to believe that you could improve to the degree you were able to do on a perfectly good, brand new TS-808 Reissue stomp box. The 808 is such a good sounding pedal and now with the Gain Boost and also a Bass Boost I am very impressed. I just can’t get over the difference your MOD makes. WOW…. I think if more people knew what a difference it makes with just a flip of a switch you would be swamped doing nothing but 808’s.
Thanks, Steven"

“Loving the TS9 now! Made a huge difference, well worth the cost and then some!”
We sell worldwide, but we seem to sell a lot of pedals to Australia, Canada, and the UK. Geoff recently bought one of our modified Tube Screamers. See if you can guess where he is from:
“What an awesome pedal man ...it's mad it's crazy and it's hot ..Ibanez Prestige Herman Li Signature using Di Marzio Breeds ..your pedal makes it a lot better than a Steve Vaie Ibanez with evolutions ....not as harsh as evos but sounds a lot more real ....
Thank you mate ..awesome pedal!”
“Played the modded TS-9 today at church. I could not be happier with the sound I was getting. It is a huge upgrade to my tone I had before. Thanks again for everything!”
“Wow! My tube screamer is vastly improved. I highly recommend this mod.”

“We make your sounds… sound good!”

Thanks for looking, and keep rockin!
Check out all of the mods and pedals here on Reverb, eBay, our website, and on youtube!
Brand: Ibanez
Model: TS9
Categories: Distortion
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